Night of the Full Moon (iOS) 

Still totally addicted to this. To the point I need to take it off my phone.

Working my way through the difficulties for each class (knight, ranger, nun and witch). I’ve had to abandon a few runs after getting into an unwinnable situation so maybe it’s time.

My phone battery will thank me.

Video Game Diary Night of the Full Moon

Video Game Diary Sekiro

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (Xbox One)

I know I’m on tilt when my wife hands me my six month old daughter and my response is to sit her up next to me as I throw myself for the umpteenth time against Owl (Father). I’m so, so, so close. Again. Again. Again. 

Hmmm baby has tried to grab the pad a little too much. 

On to your mat. 

Again. Again. Again.


I really should be parenting. Off goes the Xbox.

Later the following night, after 30 minutes of warming up (dying), Owl (Father) is down. Great fight. The camera is still as deadly as any foe but onwards.

Northgard (PC)

Vikings are cool. 

Played the first two story missions trying to get a feel for the game. It’s colourful and gentle, not sure if it ramps up in later missions or not. Graphically it reminds me of how I remember Black & White. 

I saved a fellow tribe from some wolves and they’ve now sworn loyalty to me. Seems a bit over generous but I’ll take it.

Video Game Diary Northgard

Video Game Cuphead

Cuphead (Switch)

The best looking game of the generation? Probably.

Picked this up in a switch sale after putting it off for a while. Not planning to get into it right now but did want to give it a quick play. Beat up a field of vegetables and a lump of blue goo (that turned into a tombstone). The level of invention I’ve seen already is breathtaking. I’m prepared for some nasty difficulty spikes when I start working my what through this proper and really hope it doesn’t put me off.

So, so, so pretty.