Night of the Full Moon (iOS) 

How did we end up here?

A short and dull story.

Played “Slay the Spire” on PC. Wanted it on my phone. Not out on iOS. Damn.

Brief search.

Settled on Night of the Full Moon to scratch this itch. It’s cheap (49p!), it’s quirky (Little Red Riding Hood), a tad simpler than StS and it’s pretty (far moreso than StS).

I love it. 

I can’t stop playing it. As I understand the fun of these games is moulding your deck into a great big death dealing machine. In the two runs I had at StS I failed miserably. In this I’m a card throwing engine of death dressed as Little Red Riding hood. It (so far) seems pitched at a difficulty where you struggle sometimes but ultimately prevail and that’s all I want. Currently trying out all the starting classes (only Nun to go)!


Video Game Diary Night of the Full Moon

The Video Game Diary Sekiro

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (Xbox One)

Dodge, dodge, dodge, parry, parry. A few more hits. Poison, ha you missed fuck you. Shit, heal heal! Fuck camera, run, run! Reset calm, calm. Slash, slash…death blow, death bloooow!!

Great Shinobi Owl has fallen.

Who dares to face me next?

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 (Switch) FINISHED!

I never smashed my toys together. My He-man and Secret Wars toys executed tightly choreographed punches, kicks, jumps and swings all in service of the grand story (in my head).

This is the video game equivalent of smashing your toy. I think it’s given me a piece of childhood I missed.

Anyway the credits have rolled on easy mode and it was lots of mindless fun. The final boss is a bit anticlimactic but the overall experience was excellent. There is loads of challenge content and I’ll be there for the DLC (FF, Punisher Whoooo!)

The Video Game Diary Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3